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Enpoint offers position, velocity, and attitude measurement systems for communications, general aviation, and transportation. In the communications industry, the increasing use of high data rate links through commercial and military satellite broadband places stringent demands on antenna pointing accuracy. In the general aviation industry, autopilots and pilot aids can use redundant low cost motion measurement systems. In the transportation industry, an increasing number of distributed sensors currently serve singular requirements for information delivery and entertainment, airbag activation, and skid control. Enpoint serves each industry by providing a single, compact, low-cost package with excellent performance. The patented solution supports near-term goals for military broadband and general aviation, and open new markets both for improved automotive safety systems and for users seeking global broadband data access.

News and Events

Real-time Development

June 10, 2004 —
Patent 6,754,584 awarded to Enpoint

February 3, 2003 —
Successful demonstration of attitude and heading reference system on general aviation aircraft

Match-a-Million Event Finalist

December 5, 2001 —
Enpoint finishes among top 3 companies in event sponsored by Futuredex.

Contract Awards

June 1, 2003 —
Enpoint receives Phase II Plus Small Business Innovative Research contract from Department of Defense.